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I want to make EVERYTHING

This fall, I have super-limited time to do all the things I really want to do. Grown-up life is annoying that way. I’ve learned to choose my knitting/sewing/diy/crafting projects semi-wisely, based on my actual budget for time and money.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t have a constantly-running list of projects in my head that I wish I had the time/finances for. Here’s what’s tempting me right now…

This Purl SOHO ‘Learn to Embroider an Alphabet Sampler’ kit:learn-to-embroider-alphabet-600-43How cute is this? I have zero experience with embroidery, but I have no time to learn it right now. I just wish…

I also want to knit Brooklyn Tweed’s ‘Little Wave’ saddle-shoulder cabled cardigan, designed by Gudrun Johnston.
picmonkey-collageI’ve never made a saddle-shoulder anything before (I usually stick with raglan although I’ve done a set-in sleeve before), and this sweater is beautiful. The FOs on Ravelry are insane. Still, I really don’t have the time for such an involved knitting project and I need to wait a bit before I can afford the recommended (and much-coveted) SHELTER yarn  for this.

I’d also really like to make a hand-stitched quilt. This project is semi-doable because I have a quilt that’s been cut and pieced and pinned together… it just needs to actually be quilted and bound. Check out these gorgeous indigo quilts from Folk Fibers.
hand-stitching-front_1_grande.jpgALSO: I’d like to make one of those Bento bags that are on every sewing/crafting blog these days. (Here’s an excellent bento bag tutorial.) They seem like such a simple/easy project, and I do have tons of fabric stashed away. I love this one:
untitled4Also on the list: Make my life exactly like this Instagram account, @larssonsarae, a Swedish lady living in Norway… with her family and her sheep
untitle3Last, but not least, all of these Norwegian baby knitting patterns.
What do you want to make?

(Home Page image by photographer Annie Spratt)

2 thoughts on “I want to make EVERYTHING

  1. There are so many things to make and not enough time! This need for sleep is so annoying. At the moment, I’m sort of making pyjama pants, a top, a skirt and a dress all at the same time (it’s… not going that well) and when I’m not sewing, I’m knitting a cardigan.

    Good luck with all of your projects!


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