imageI was born and raised in a northern New Jersey suburb, where I spent most of my time daydreaming, night swimming, reading, and imagining all sort of things. I was mesmerized by foliage and the smell of woodfires burning. In the summer, I would lounge on our porch while it rained, listening to thunderstorms and reading my favorite stories. I loved to draw, knit, and bake.

Not much has changed, although now I live in the sweetest little historic village in the world and I get to share my life with my favorite person—my husband, Brian. I really enjoy cooking (mostly vegan!) as well as decorating our 300-year-old home and spending a lot of time with some truly amazing friends.

I’ve worked in so many different places—as an editor at a little magazine and as an account exec in public relations. I’m also an esthetician (random, right!?) and for a long time I oversaw the social media campaigns at Mario Badescu Skin Care. These days, I’m a copy editor at an advertising agency.

I can’t wait to share everything with you, if you’d like to see!