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I’m this close to finishing the Chevron Mitts. Between work and freelance and cooking and cleaning and friends and everything else, I’m surprised I got them done this quickly!

I’m in love with my next project. It’s Amy LaRoux’ Bandana Wrap, a super-simple kerchief-inspired scarf with i-cord ties. I’m planning on adding tassels to the end of the ties (and possibly at the bottom point of the kerchief as well) for visual interest.

This pattern could not be simpler… but the yarn I picked out for it is just gorgeous!

It’s quince & co. Lark, a worsted-weight, 100% American wool yarn. I’ve been getting more and more interested in where my yarn comes from lately, and in local yarns in particular. The color I chose is called Barolo, which is a type of red wine.

I’ve used the fingering-weight quince & co yarn, Finch, before, and I really loved it. A lot of my interest in this yarn for this project came from quince & co.’s most recent Instagram posts. I’m a sucker for gorgeous yarn porn. Like this:

This post is not sponsored. My love for quince & co. is real!

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